How does art make you feel?

My name is Adam Ruspandini. I am an Australian abstract expressionist landscape artist and my art is inspired by nature’s beauty, her ever changing colour palette and the stunning Australian landscape.

My works are an exploration of myself and how I emotionally interpret and feel what is all around me.

Each artwork begins with a simple idea. Maybe it’s based on a mood or feeling. I then interpret this idea in any form and colour that comes to mind, and allow my intuition to guide my art.

What are you looking for when choosing your artwork?

cottesloe beach western australia abstract expressionist artwork acrylic on canvas by adam ruspandini

Cottesloe Beach, WA


This is a recently completed commission artwork of Cottesloe Beach in Western Australia. 1016mm(w) x 762mm(h) acrylic on canvas. This artwork was an exploration of texture and multiple layers of colour to achieve both a sense of depth and softness.

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Greeting Card Packs

I have created these unique Greeting Card Packs using my artworks in the aim to raise funds for Cancer research.

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10% from the profit of all sales will be donated to Cancer research

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