'Release Your Inner Artist' Team Building Experience

‘Release Your Inner Artist’ is a fantastic team building activity designed to help you discover your creative self with fun confidence-building exercises.

Let your team unwind together in a truly relaxed and fun atmosphere, explore their creativity and create a unique expressive artwork. It’s a great way to really get to know your work mates while mingling, laughing, talking, eating and drinking... with the addition of creating your own personal artwork in the mix.

As an expressive artist, and through my own personal journey, I’ve discovered how removing the need to control and perfect every artwork has made the whole process more enjoyable and fulfilling.

Every artwork I create is a new learning experience and I am constantly pushing myself to explore more.

Having spoken with many people from different groups, I’ve heard these comments over and over:
- I can’t paint
- I am not creative at all
- There’s no way I am going to be able to do that!

So, before we've even touched a paintbrush we have self-doubt, anxiety and fear kicking in.

Then there’s the worry of judgement.

- What will everyone think?
- Will they laugh at my artwork?
- What if their artwork is better than mine?

And so ‘Release Your Inner Artist’ was born.

‘Release Your Inner Artist’ is a series of exercises I've used in my own art making. It helps you tap into your creative self and learn to channel this more in your personal and professional lives.

With these techniques, you are forced to allow the mark making to simply happen. It puts everyone on a level playing field... and it’s fun! Challenging but fun.

My aim is to guide you step-by-step through your artwork, and have you walk away feeling energised and happy with your very own expressive artwork under your arm.

Don’t worry, I’ll bring all the creative items needed for the session including any paints, brushes, canvases, easels and even the music.

All you need is a space where we can get creative like a meeting room, boardroom or outdoor patio, with your smorgasbord of nibbles and your choice of beverage... Whatever suits your group.

Fill in the form below, and let’s get together to ‘Release your Inner Artist’.

$110 per person

Minimum 8 people