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Adam Ruspandini

Sun Sets over Sydney Opera House 60x90cm Original

Sun Sets over Sydney Opera House 60x90cm Original

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Beautifully textured clouds and sky with rich sunset colours reflecting warm hues over the Sydney Opera House.

Inspired by a photo I found with rich reds and oranges on the sky. It just caught my eye and I felt drawn to interpret this. I decided to make this artwork more uniquely Australian with the addition of the Sydney Opera House. Not a simple task but one I thoroughly enjoyed.

The end result is rich in Australiana colour. The earthy reds and oranges really give me a sense of our rugged landscape. The rough texture from the pallet knife complements the passion and love I felt for this project throughout the process.

Acrylic on canvas.

60cm(w) x 90cm(h)

Stamped and signed on the back.
Comes with certificate of authenticity.

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