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Adam Ruspandini

Incoming Storm 60x60cm Original

Incoming Storm 60x60cm Original

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Inspired by a storm rolling in at Manly Beach on Sydney's Northern Beaches.

How does it make you feel when you see a storm approaching?

I love the colours, the speed at which the sky changes, the temperature dropping. It’s Mother Nature in all her powerful glory. 

I've explored a cold range of colours showing the dramatic temperature change as the storm approaches, and how beautifully the sky transforms. It's like a natural light show that keeps you hooked.

And that drop in temperature? It's a rush, making the whole experience even more exhilarating. With this artwork, my aim was to bring all these feelings to life, showing you just how amazing Mother Nature can be, placing you right there in the midst of her powerful beauty.

Original artwork - acrylic on stretched canvas.
60cm(w) x 60cm(h)

Signed on the front.
Stamped and signed on the back.

Comes with certificate of authenticity.

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