Why buy art direct from the artist?

Today, art is more accessible than it has ever been. You can easily find art in many brick and mortar stores, large department stores, furniture stores and galleries. Art is readily available just about anywhere, not to forget how easily you can find art online, it’s only a few clicks away! 

The variety of art ranges from stunning photographs to painted landscapes, abstract to floral, minimal to ornate, every artwork has the potential to resonate with the viewer in their own unique and profound ways. 

With so many options readily available, you might be asking yourself what’s the benefit of purchasing art directly from the artist.

The simple answer goes deeper than just the money side of things. Sure, as an artist, there's a deep joy when someone connects with your work and decides to part with their hard-earned to make it a part of their life. However, every sale I make not only helps financially, but also lifts my confidence and affirms I am on the right creative path.

Empowering My Evolution as an Artist

Every time I sell an artwork, a print, or a greeting card, that sale represents more than just income; it serves as a reminder of my dream and validates my artistic journey in moving in the right direction. It instills confidence, affirming that my unique vision and creative interpretations have found an audience that connects with my craft. 

This confidence compounds with every interaction and sale, pushing me to further develop my skills, refine my techniques, and explore new boundaries with my art. It empowers me to evolve as an artist and continue to produce more beautiful and captivating works of art.

Creating a Personal Connection

When you purchase art straight from me, it's like getting an all-access pass to the art and the artist! You’re not just getting a painting; you get to chat with me about what inspired the artwork, What techniques or mediums I used, why I decided to create it, and how I got to this point in my artistic adventure.

This personal touch adds a whole new layer of meaning to the artwork. You're not just staring at colors and shapes on the canvas; you're diving into the story behind them, you're taken on a journey. It helps you see deeper into the artwork and connect with it emotionally.

Supporting a Local Artist

Supporting a local artist is another great reason to buy art directly from me. By doing so, you are helping me build my career, enabling me to further pursue my artistic passions. 

But it's not just the money aspect. When you purchase my art directly, we form a special connection. It becomes a shared experience, a journey we undertake together. You become a part of my artistic story, and I, in turn, become a part of yours. Our bond is forged through our shared appreciation for creativity and the beauty of art.

This connection creates a sense of shared ownership in the creative process. You are not just a passive observer any more; you are now an active participant in my artistic evolution. Your support and engagement motivate me to push my skills and techniques, take risks, and continue producing work that resonates.

Empowering an Individual Artist Over Corporate Giants

Finally, purchasing directly from me means you are making the conscious choice to support an individual creator rather than large conglomerates or retailers. When you buy from me, you are directly contributing to my livelihood and creative pursuits. 

This personal connection ensures that your investment has a meaningful impact on my life and career, making your art acquisition not just a purchase but an investment in my artistic journey.

Please share your thoughts. Have you purchased or commissioned art direct from the artist? How was your experience?


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