What is your ‘Inner Artist’?

What exactly is your 'Inner Artist’, and do we all have one?

Your 'Inner Artist’ is that identity you keep buried and hidden from the outside world. The creative identity that so naturally helps you every day. It’s that part of us that society has taught us to ignore and grow up from. It’s your younger self, your inner child.

Everyone has an Inner Artist. The term ‘Inner Artist’ doesn't have to be taken literally. It’s not just an artist, a painter or sculptor. Sure it could be… but the 'Inner Artist’ is more than that. It’s your imagination, it’s your creative self. That part of you that problem solves or dreams up solutions or thinks of ways to improve something. It’s our ability to think outside the box. We tap into it in our everyday lives, in our work, when dealing with our partners or kids, when driving, or cooking or gardening. It’s talking to us all the time if we choose to pay attention and listen to it.

Evidence of the ‘Inner Artist’ is on display all around us if you know how and where to look. Yes we can see it in museums and galleries, we can hear it in music, and we can even see it in the written word, but if you look deeper, the Inner Artist is responsible for everything!

Almost everything around us has been created first in someone's mind, by their 'Inner Artist’, before it has become a reality. Cars, bikes, buildings, building materials, tools, toys… the list never ends. It’s mind blowing when you can sit back and take it in. 

Each and every one of us has this same ability. It’s been with us since birth. Our imagination is a very natural part of who we are. For some reason however as we get older, it can be seen as a bad thing, childish. We are told to grow up. Why?

In 2019 I made the conscious decision to be an artist. I had to make the decision in my mind before I could actually make it happen. So yes for me my 'Inner Artist’ is actually an artist! But don’t get distracted here. I had to make that decision in my mind first. I had to challenge everything I had heard and learned about being an artist. It’s hard to make a living as an artist, there’s no work for an artist, what if no one likes what you do… and so on. They’re real thoughts and they continue to surface, but I’ve taught myself to see them as just words and believe in my ‘Inner Artist’.

When you start to take notice of your ‘Inner Artist’, your creativity will shine through. You’ll see things differently and then begin to implement different things. You’ll explore doing things differently, changing direction, challenging yourself.

Be open to this. Allow this curiosity to play out. Nothing great happens in comfort and safety.

Happy creating.

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