Only your opinion matters

Why am I writing this?

I have seen and heard about the impact peoples comments can have on others. Comments that are encouraging or hurtful can be taken in different ways. They can be interpreted differently depending on how you are feeling and your current circumstances. 

For example, here is an artwork I posted on my Instagram.

Personally, this is something I am very proud of.

If someone said, 'oh that's nice', does that mean they really do like it, or are they just saying it to be nice. Why won't they purchase from me if they like it? and so on... 

Or if there was a negative comment like 'that's nice but not something I would have in my home', does it mean that person hates it, hates me, do I need to take this comment to heart, how do I process this?

Ask yourself, does it really matter what others think? Really. Does it?

What I have come to realise through my learning is that these comments come from their reality. It really has nothing to do with me unless I choose to allow it. Good or bad. 

Their reality could be a difficult relationship, loss of a loved one, unhappy at work, child is unwell or maybe it's a brand new relationship, travelling, new baby... the list of possibilities is endless.

Receiving positive comments is always nice, but I try not to make it mean anything more than that. Just because someone says they like may art, doesn't mean they're going to be my biggest collector. It's a lovely gesture that I am grateful for, and then I move on.

If someone is prepared to take the time to write a negative and hurtful comment about my art, what that is saying to me is that they're in a place of hurting. They are unhappy with something and they are projecting it. I happen to be the lucky recipient. That's it!

So do I memorise that comment and allow it to play over and over in my head making me feel terrible about what I am doing and allowing them to dictate what I do with my life? Absolutely not!

I know who I am, what I am doing and why I am doing it. This journey is for me and my personal wellbeing. If you choose to follow me on my journey, come along, if not, that's perfectly OK.

We live with our thoughts every day, and to allow someone else's opinions and comments to overtake our thoughts is allowing them to dictate your life. 

Only your opinion matters. Only what you think matters. How and if we accept these comments, and how we talk to ourselves, will directly impact your personal growth. Be aware of that.

Happy creating.

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