New Homeowners Collaboration

Let me start by asking you this question...

“When someone parts with a considerable sum of their hard earned dollars to purchase their new home, what do they get in return from you, their real estate agent, builder, interior designer or architect to say thank you?”

I believe that acknowledging and appreciating your clients’ trust and support is paramount in building lasting relationships. 

While a nice bottle of Champagne or scented candles might be wonderful gifts, they have a short life span. Once the bottle is empty, it's done. When the candles have all burnt out, they're done.

What would be a better gift to say thank you when handing over the keys to their new home or office? Answer... a beautifully framed artwork hanging proudly on their wall when they walk into their new home. A landscape artwork that represents the area they live in, something they can connect with which would beautifully represent Australia in all it’s beauty, something that complements the decor of their their new home or office. 

To make it even more personal, the artwork could be of something very uniquely special for your client. Where they've come from, a memory of where they grew up or it could simply be colour that reflects and embodies everything about them.

abstract expressionist industrial styled acrylic artwork on stretched canvas by adam ruspandini

The wall art created by a Sydney based Australian artist will serve as a very unique “thank you” gift, and one that will continue to give every time they look at it. A constant reminder of the experience and service they received, and something that immediately warms their empty new home when they first walk in.

In this collaboration, I propose a mutually beneficial arrangement where you would have access to my unique expressive landscape and abstract artwork prints at a special collaboration price, and all artwork prints will be made available in 3 sizes.

Or if you prefer something more bespoke to complement the desired space, we could curate your very own commission artwork created by me, a local artist, which we could then make available as prints uniquely for your clients.

I am confident that the inclusion of my artworks as a gift will further distinguish you in the area, reinforcing your reputation as a provider of exceptional service of the highest quality and appreciation, and encourage discussion and referral amongst the buyers family and friends.

I would be delighted to discuss this collaboration proposal in more detail and explore how we can work together to create a memorable experience and memorable Australian commissioned landscape artworks for your valued clients.

Thank you for considering this collaboration proposal. I look forward to the opportunity of working with you and contributing to the success of your business.