Choosing the right artwork for your home or office

There are many factors to consider when choosing the right artwork. Colour, style, size, how it makes you feel, does it stir up memories. All are valid reasons for selecting artworks, but is that enough?

When considering an artwork for your home or office, you need to consider it carefully. The artwork needs to transform the space and complement its surroundings at the same time. You need to consider if the artwork will be the focal point of the room, or if it needs to support whatever the focal point is. 

Will the artwork match the existing decor, or will it be in contrast?

It all depends on what it is you are trying to achieve. Having an idea of the style you are decorating in can help simplify the search for art. If you are decorating in a casual beach theme, the artwork could be different to a more formal and contemporary styling.


Trust Your First Instinct

You know when you see something you like. It draws you in. There’s something that resonates with you. I could be the colour, the image, maybe it's a saying… Whatever the reason, that initial attraction is hard to beat.


Choose Your Colours

The colour of an artwork can have an influence on the overall look and feel of a room. Remember, the colour in the artwork doesn’t necessarily need to match your room's decor, but they do need to complement each other. Having artwork that is the complete opposite in colour to what’s in the room can work just fine.

If you're unsure, choose artwork in the same colour shades, or go with black and white. B&W goes with anything and also adds a little elegance.



The art you choose doesn’t have to match the decor of your room, it can be eclectic. It’s not uncommon to mix modern art in traditional rooms or vice versa. Sometimes it’s good to mix it up! 

Consider also mixing and matching different art styles. There are so many styles and mediums that can be arranged to really bounce off each other. Paintings, prints, photography, textiles, pottery… all have the ability to transform your space.


Where Is The Art Going?

Consider where and how the artwork will be displayed. Will be hung on the wall, Sitting in a stand or resting on a shelf against the wall. Try to also keep your artwork at eye level where possible.


Showcasing art in your home or office can really show-off your personality. Art has a way of connecting with our emotions and feelings. Allow the shapes, colours and textures to connect with you and you will enjoy your chosen art every time you walk past.

Happy art shopping

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