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Adam Ruspandini

Alone Giclee Prints

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After many revisions, adjustments and layers of colour, I feel like this one is complete.

It’s really hard to decide when to say enough, but when you do decide, it just feels right.

This piece originated from my minds eye. I simply tried to capture something from my memory… from a photo, my trip to @whistlerblackcomb, something I saw in movies… no idea where it came from. ❤️.

Original artwork - Acrylic on Canvas. 76cm(w) x 101cm(h)

Blue: Different tints or shades of the colour blue have different colour associations. Light blue is typically associated with peace and gentleness while dark blue represents power, strength, and dependability.

Giclee Prints produced on Canson 310gsm Photo Rag with 12 Colour Pigment Ink.

Prints completed with generous white border for easy mounting into your chosen frame.

S - 320(w) x 400(h)
M - 480(w) x 600(h)
L - 730(w) x 900(h)